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Is a POD System right for you?

Posted on February 25, 2019


Vape POD Systems are being developed with the aim of improving the vaping experience. The latest technology has achieved this by making vaping portable, simple and satisfying.

pod system vape, pod vape, pod vaping systemWhat is a POD System?

What is a POD System?

Simply speaking, the POD System is “a system somewhere between an electronic cigarette and a box mod”. It is a portable vaping device that is slim and uses a POD to carry the e-Liquid.

Most vapers begin with a cheap cigarette like a vape pen, which is inexpensive, discreet, and portable. However, pens are not powerful and don’t last long on a full battery. After realizing this, many look for other options. One option is a fancy “box mod”. A large box containing batteries with a glass liquid filled container on top. However, these systems are large, cumbersome, heavy and anything but discrete. They also offer a totally different sensation and taste to cigarettes.

Instead, a POD system vape uses a POD that is inserted into a slim device. This POD contains the atomizer and the e-Liquid. In a sense, it gives the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the portability of a vape pen and the powerful battery of a box mod.

The batteries in POD systems are fairly small in comparison to mods, usually having capacities of around 300 mAh, making these systems light and convenient to carry, with the added bonus that they are very quick to charge.

What to look for in POD systems?

The most basic rule when evaluating a POD system is simplistic. Do you need to read the manual? If so, it’s not a good system. You should be able to put it anywhere from your pocket to your handbag, retrieve it and just inhale and enjoy the vapor.

Battery efficiency is another point of interest. Most POD systems have a battery with a 300mAh capacity, so the efficiency of the atomizer determines how frequently you have to charge the device. FEELM PODs make use of a breakthrough in materials and structural science to deliver a POD system that produces more puffs on the same size battery.

Vapor production should be considered, since it is responsible for the general satisfaction felt while smoking. Nothing ruins your pleasure more than having to fight with a vape system that delivers too little vapor.

As far as convenience goes, look for a POD system that is leak proof. Most of the experienced vapers have dealt with all too common problem of leaking tanks at least once. There is nothing more frustrating than being out of the house and you’re stuck with a leaky mess.

FEELM Labs is passionate about innovation, and POD systems that utilize their new FEELM heating technology make dramatic improvements in all the criteria of good vaping POD systems. A system based on this metal film heating technology is battery-efficient, leak-proof, and produces a large volume of vapor and is simple to use.

About FEELM Lab:

FEELM Lab is a research center owned by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited. Smoore Scientific R&D Center was founded in 2013 and owns a Research Center, Research Institute, and Technology Industrialization Center. Smoore Scientific R&D Center employs more than 200 scientists and scientific experts that collaborate on the development and assessment of its Atomization and Heating platform. At the moment, we own more than 500 international technology patents.

About Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited:

Founded in 2006, based in Shenzhen, Baoan, Smoore is one of the pioneers in the E-cig manufacturing industry. Smoore owns three brands which are FEELM, VAPORESSO, and CCELL. In order to help prioritize innovation, Smoore created the Institute of Fundamental Technology in 2013 to help the company focus on fundamental technological developments in the e-cigarette industry.

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