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Pod System for Your Best Choice 2019

Posted on January 25, 2019


It's obvious that vaping is changing. For a very long time, e-cigarette has kept getting larger and larger. The trend has been from cigalike to vape pens, and then to tube mods to box mods and eventually pods mods. Pod system turns out to be the best. Managing to be very handy, compact and satisfying. Pod system are actually the modern equivalent to cigalike, but they have the features to be much more than that.


1. What is Pod System?

As the name implies, pod systems are e-cigarettes that make use of mini pods, as opposed to the primitive or traditional tank or atomizer. Pod mod devices are small, elegant and discrete but offer maximum nicotine impact. Vape pod system, also called pod mods have become very popular among vapers because they are portable and easy to set up. It is suitable for people that smokes and haven’t found a vape product that they like. Compared to many other vaping devices, a vape pod mod system is capable of delivering a cigarette like experience, reproducing the ease and impact that smokers crave.

Compared to many other vaping devices, a vape pod mod system is capable of delivering a cigarette like experience, reproducing the ease and impact that smokers crave. Pod system provides more compact device that are very portable and also gives a flavor packed vape experience. While some pod system make use of refillable pods so you can easily refill your pods with your favorite ejuice and be on your way, others are prefilled with premium eliquid from some of your favorite brands for a plug and good experience.

This cigalike format is limited by its small size which makes it hard to get the best performance out of it. In other to solve this problem, pod system are now made to be large, but not a lot and this allows more battery capacity which has always been the biggest challenge of the cigalike; with battery capacity ranging from 90 to 180mAh that wouldn’t last more than one hour or two of casual use.


2. Types of pod system

There are currently two types of pod system and they include

• closed pod system

• open pod system

Closed pod system:

These are pod system that comes prefilled with e-liquid. They only the device produced by the manufacturer. The only difference is that they cannot be refilled. They are very simple, and because of this simplicity, this pod mods are growing considerably and becoming more popular globally.

Open pod system:

This pod mod system comes with empty pods that enables you to refill the pods with any e-liquid of your choice. This pod mod or e-cigarette makes use a prefilled cartridge called pod that holds the e-liquid and enables you to perform you to perform this function.

The FEELM heating coil makes use of a ceramic base with a flat, medical grade stainless steel metal film material on its top. Feelm has received a Golden Leaf Award in the most exciting newcomer in the industry. Feelm is owned by Shenzhen smoore technology which has a large manufacturing base in china and works with large tobacco companies to produce Feelm pod system for their devices.

3. The latest technology of Pod System

In a research conducted recently and published at the 1st scientific summit, a comparison between the new pod vaping systems and cigarrete was studied. In this study, it was discovered that there is about 99% reduction in the harmful components in the vapor from the pod vaping system as compared to the primitive cigarette.

Also, recently, a lot of research and development in the vaping industry has been focused on the innovative heating technology by FEELM. This is the new ceramic wicking that is now available in the market. This wicking technology is designed especially for pod vapes and nic salts. It is called FEELM and it's made by FEELMTech. This technology is widely used by some e-cigarette companies like DOT, ALFA, HEXA, etc.


4. What to look out for when buying a pod system

There are different types of pod mods based vapes in the market, but like any other vaping device, picking the best vaping device depends on the kind of experience you desire.

When you want to pick a pod system, there are some factors you need to consider;

• Size and shape

Pods are the most compact vape mods available. However, they are small in size, but they come in different shapes; they could be long, skinny or badged shaped. Depending on the shape you want, the pod mod device can have different feel in your pocket when you are moving or walking or when you are holding it during operation.

• Capacity of the pod

Due to the fact pod mods small in size, they tend to have a smaller tank capacity than the box mods or any sub ohms device. However, pod mods often come in different capacities so the smaller the capacity, the more you will have to refill or change the pod.

• Flavor option

If you are buying a vape pod mod that allows pre filled pods, it is essential that you know the various types of flavors that are available. Most of this device only accepts pods from their brands while others allow pods from other brand. Therefore, you need to check the options that are available to ensure that you will be able to find a flavor that fits your vaping profile.

• Battery life

As a result of the small size of the pod mods, they tend or often have a smaller and less powerful battery than the big ones. It is very important to consider the battery life and life expectancy of the battery after fully charged. Most of the pod system devices have internal batteries that are permanent. Depending on the type of battery in-built, some devices may go longer between charges and others.


5. Popular Pod System Brands

If you are tired of carrying around bulky box mod or if you want something with a portable backup or compact, take a look at pod system below and start with a new vape experience.


This amazing pod system is admirable in terms of vapor production and flavor. The design is incredibly remarkable as it is made of metal and this gives a first class feeling compared to other e-cig. The vuse cigarette holds an elegant look with a black cartridge and a stainless steel battery.


• 1 e-cigarette

• 1 USB charger

• Adding cartridges that are valuable for $4

• 1 flavor cartridge

• 250mAh rechargeable battery



• It is stylish looking

• It has a LED tip

• Handy and easy to use



• High nicotine level


This awesome pod system provides you with a brand new alt. It has a unique coil design that enables it to have a great airflow. Vapo combines the latest technology in pod vaping technology, with a sleek design that allows a flavor and vapor production making it a perfect stealth vape for most seasoned vapers.


• 1 alt battery

• 1 alt pod menthol ice

• 1 charging cable

• 1 user manual

• 2ml prefilled vapo e-liquid

• 500mAh battery capacity



• Small and discreet

• Easy to use

• Perfect Size

• Sleek design



• Can break easily



This is one of the latest pod style that is designed for new users or mouth to lungs vapers. They are the new revolutionary pod system that make use of the Latest FEELM technology, with a portable, compact and ergonomic design.


• 350mAh rechargeable battery.

• Disposable pods

• 1 charging cable

• Disposable pods

• Inhale activated



• For direct lung vapers

• Small and portable

• Uses a ceramic coil

• Vapes e-liquid and oils



• Can break easily




This pod system looks like an elongated USB drive. It works by heating a liquid flavor pod that contains nicotine and benzoic acid. Juul is a closed type of pod system that is similar to automatic cigalike. It doesn’t make use of buttons, instead it makes use of draw activated switch to activate the battery inside.


• Rechargeable 200mAh battery capacity

• consistent puffs

• small and discreet

• customer service and warranty



• Durable

• Solid flavor profiles

• Little to no leaking

• Hits like cigarette



• Contains only one nicotine strength

• Limited flavor and colors


In conclusion, pod system are very easy to use and have been of help to beginners who just quit smoking and are trying to adjust to vaping without much hassle. As far as convenience goes, you need to look for a pod system that is leak proof, easy to use and efficient, with a good battery life. This is the problem most of the experienced vapers have dealt with at least once. Most of this problem has solved by designing pod system that are compact, battery efficient and leak proof pod mods that are readily available in the market.

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