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Chief Scientist Presents FEELM Technology at ENDS 2019

On 4-6 June, the third ENDS (Electronics Nicotine Delivery Systems) conference is held in London. Feelm’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Shi, is invited to introduce how Feelm Technology improves nicotine delivery and produces smoother and purer vapor. Feelm is getting more and more recognition from the whole industry.

Posted on June 10, 2019

About ENDS
As Europe’s leading science-based conference dedicated to e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems, ENDS covered all pertinent issues, from the regulations surrounding ENDS in Europe (including TPD), the role of ENDS in improving health outcomes in nicotine users and testing methods, through to consumer perspectives, building trust and confidence in ENDS, investing in science and much more.


This year, over 120 attendees from testing companies, Big Tobacco, ENDS/ELiquid manufacturers, ingredients makers, regulatory and legislator bodies, law firms and more were in attendance. British American Tobacco, JTI, Liberty Flights, Fontem Ventures, MHRA, NIPH, Imperial Brands, JUUL Labs are on the list. Smoore Group Limited is the only invited Chinese corporate, and Dr. Shi is the only Chinese speaker during the three-day conference.

About Dr. Shis Speech
Dr. Zhiqiang Shi graduates from Georgia Tech with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, and is now the Chief Scientist and R&D Director of Smoore Institute, responsible for establishing a world-class innovation center in heating technology research and ENDS products development.
Standing on the rostrum of ENDS, Dr. Shi demonstrates the advantages of Feelm heating technology over silica and cotton wicking in terms of nicotine delivery, energy efficiency and flavor revivification based on experiment results. Considering its performance, Feelm Technology is regarded as the most advanced and suitable technology for closed pod systems. Dr. Shi also introduces Feelm’s future development directions.

Feelm has been focusing on the R&D. Feelm Lab is composed of 360 experts and intellectuals from material and atomization fields and owns more than 900 patents in the US, Europe and worldwide. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested every year, FEELM Lab wishes that each of our consumers can enjoy the high quality of life brought by our latest innovation.



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