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Feelm technology boosts a true smoking alternative for smokers

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Posted on September 26, 2018


InterTabac is the world’s largest platform for business communication in the tobacco area. While, to make smokers live healthier lives, more and more companies and brands who have been transferring to new technologies for smokers and brings them to the event. Feelm is one of the highlighted technologies at the scene.

Affiliated to Shenzhen Smoore, Feelm is a revolutionary coil technology which combines a Metal Film with a Ceramic Conductor, and it is the world’s unique Film Heating Technology in the vaping industry. Feelm-inside pods ensure the true alternatives for smokers.

Innocigs, the largest E-cig and E-liquid wholesaler in Germany launched the Feelm-inside pod device at the event. The top level spoke highly of Feelm heating technology, and they invited the officials of Ministry of Health of Germany to attend the launch event. What’s more, Innocigs will introduce Feelm technology when talking about the advantages of closed pod system in the magazines of Ministry of Health of Germany.

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On Sep 12th, Feelm received the one-in-five Golden Leaf Award at the 2018 Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum in London due to its great performances. Feelm is the only Chinese brand and the only brand majoring in coil technology. At InterTabac, the top level of BMJ, the sponsor of GTNF, had another visit at Feelm technology.

Alfa is another vaping brand in France and it has distributed its business at 1200 stations in near 30 countries. At the next event, Vapexpo France, Alfa will launch the Feelm-inside pod system to the public, they will make the launch event as famous as possible so people can learn that Alfa has the great honor to introduce an evolved technology to make the pod system as true as smoking.

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