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“Very very natural, this is top show and I can do it all day. I can put down this (mod vape) and use this (Feelm inside pod system).” At ECC Expo, one E-liquid supplier spoke highly of the vaping technology after he hit the Feelm Technology tester.

During Aug 3-5th 2018, the FEELM marketing & sales team took its innovative heating technology (for pod vape) to ECC Expo in Ontario California. As the USA has the largest market, they welcome all related vaping products, such as E-liquids, vaping devices and components, technologies, ideas and thoughts.

FEELM, Vaporesso and Ccell, are the three brands of Smoore Technology, a leading Chinese company based in Shenzhen, that researches, designs, produces and exports innovative and reliable E-cigs. Unlike Vaporesso and Ccell, FEELM produces an evolved vaping coil, the perfect combination of metal film and special ceramic, which FEELM claims is the world’s first metal film heating technology.

“I just pass through FEELM Technology, and I have to say, very very impressive. This is miles ahead of many things else. This is really a fantastic job, very smooth product. I just like it.” One visitor told FEELM team.

Kenny, a professional vaping reviewer, came to the Feelm booth to try FEELM technology, as he did not want to just hear about it. Kenny said, “I will spend more time on it, because I learn the experience so far, it is extremely smooth and it’s extremely well.” Kenny told us that he would spend more time to do a review of FEELM technology.

FEELM has mastered the technology behind the perfect vaping experience, and now sets it sights on promoting its innovative technology, and attracting more POD system suppliers to make people live a healthier and higher-quality life.

About Smoore Technology Ltd.

Smoore Scientific R&D Center was founded in 2013 and owns a Research Center, Research Institute, and Technology Industrialization Center. Smoore Scientific R&D Center employs more than 200 scientists and scientific experts that collaborate on the development and assessment of its Atomization and Heating platform. At the moment we own more than 700 international technology patents.

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