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Feelm Tech Got One More Highlight in the Europe

Feelm Cig Ceramic Coil

Posted on October 30, 2018



Governments in the Europe witness the brighter policies on Ecigs as vaping really does great good to smokers’ health. More and more new vaping technologies and products in the world begin to debut at the vaping events in the Europe. Feelm, the one-in-five winner of Gloden Leaf Award came to VAPEXPO in the romantic country, France, after its debuts in the UK and Germany.

This year’s Vapexpo event will kick off on Oct 6th and last three days. Vaping components, devices and E-liquid manufacturers, wholesalers, shoppers, health professionals, reviewers are all welcome to the significant.

FEELM Lab keep on innovating and continuously progressing the technology of metal film heating. After tremendous engineering experiments and strict tests, researchers at FEELM combine a Metal Film with a Ceramic Conductor to improve performance of the heating system.

Feelm revolutionary technology completely vaporizes every drop of E-liquid, resulting in richer vapor and smoother throat hit from the first puff to the last. FEELM technology is highly rated by the Golden Leaf Award committee and won the Most Exciting Industry Newcomer Award recently.

Affiliated to Shenzhen Smoore, Feelm is a revolutionary coil technology which combines a Metal Film with a Ceramic Conductor, and it is the world’s unique Film Heating Technology in the vaping industry. Feelm-inside pods ensure the true alternatives for smokers.

At GTNF 2018 event (Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum) on Sep. 12th, Tobacco Reporter reports this year’s Golden Leaf Award winners and Feelm was highlighted.

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At the event, Feelm’s new partner in France, Alfa, will launch the Feelm-inside pod system to the public. Alfa is the vaping brand in France who has distributed its business at 1200 stations in near 30 countries, and they are proud to adopt the Feelm technology to do thing goods for smokers.


About Feelm Lab

FEELM Lab is affiliated to Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited. Founded in 2013, Smoore Scientific R&D Center owns a Research Center, Research Institute, and Technology Industrialization Center. Smoore Scientific R&D Center employs more than 260 scientists and scientific experts that collaborate on the development and assessment of its Atomization and Heating platform. Currently, Smoore owns more than 700 international technology patents. FEELM Lab keeps innovating and progressing the technology of Metal Film Heating continuously.

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