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FEELM Technology debuted in European market

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Posted on August 17, 2018


The number of vapers has been increasing due to better economics, lower health risks and more choices in terms of flavor, when compared to smoking cigarettes. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of vaping expos also, giving a forum to exchange technologies, thoughts and display upcoming technologies and innovations. On May 4th, Vaper Expo UK was kicked off in Birmingham, UK.

Vaper Expo UK is the largest vaping expo in Europe, and is used as a venue for key players in the industry to launch new products and services, as well as a central European hub for the vaping industry. FEELM Tech debuted its latest vaping technology at the expo, marking the formal introduction of the recently branded FEELM Heating Technology in Europe.

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What makes the FEELM heating coil special, is that unlike other general coil systems that use a metal coil combined with cotton wick, the FEELM coil is a special ceramic cube integrated with a metal film. This has numerous benefits when applied to vaping pods including making the pod system leak free, reducing harmful substances in the vaper and also providing a consistently fresh taste.

Crowds were drawn to the FEELM booth, eager to try a device they had never seen before. After trying the new technology, one visitor remarked, “Beautiful device. Great feeling of mouth-to-lung over there. Tasty and really good throat hit. I like it.”

“It's very good. Smooth, easy to use. And it comes a lot of vapor. I think I’ll use it regularly as my everyday device.”, another user said.

FEELM had the great honor of being labeled the ‘Coil King’, in an article written by Timothy S. Donahue, in the April Periodical of the Vapor Voice Magazine. “It's a breakthrough for vaping. The newest FEELM coil from Smoore Technology is the latest development in heating technology from one of the most successful companies in the vapor industry.”, Donahue wrote.

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Hexa, a vaping company in Belgium, is one of the great success cases that uses technology powered by FEELM. Hexa created a revolutionary pod-system that uses the latest vaping technology, and their ergonomic design ensures a classy, user-friendly and effective Click & Vape system. At the expo, the Hexa pod-system was praised as “a great device that I feel will stand up well in the pod vaping market”, by one of the users.

FEELM Tech, together with Ccell and Vaporesso, are brands of SMOORE. SMOORE was one of the first to innovate a disposable E-cigarette line of products, and always being a strategic OEM/ODM partner top brands around the world. SMOORE created the Institute of Fundamental Technology in 2013 to help the company focus on fundamental technological developments to the vaping industry, aiming to bring its customers’ amazing vaping experiences and healthier lifestyle.

Vapers filmed the Feelm moments at Vaper Expo UK:

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