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FEELM Technology Formally Debuts Wowing Vaping Audiences

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Posted on August 17, 2018


Attracting over 50,000 vaping aficionados, and over 1500 brands from 45 different countries, the worlds largest E-Cig Expo in Shenzhen China was the perfect place to launch the FEELM brand on an enthusiastic market.

IECIE 2018 covers all parts of the vaping industry from high end box mods, mechs, e-liquid, components, all-in-ones to the new highly popular POD categories.

At IECIE, FEELM Tech, was proud to launch a brand new innovative heating technology. Armed with a squad of six intelligent robots, FEELM Tech warmed the hearts and spread the news to everyone that came. Everyone had a fantastic time testing and using the latest in vaping technology.

FEELM is a new brand under parent company SMOORE Technology Limited, which is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of Vape Pens, APV Mods and Pod Systems, and has been listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) since December 2015.

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FEELM is a revolutionary vapor heating technology for pod systems, which combines a Metal Film with Ceramic bod. This innovative technology prevents any E-liquid spitting or leaking, while bringing a fresh tasting and vaping experience, with minimal downsides, to the world’s Pod System enthusiasts.

Vaping enthusiasts were curious about FEELM’s new breakthrough technology, and came from far and wide to try samples. As the cliché states, the proof is in the vaping, and everyone left impressed at the taste, vapor production and overall feel of our new FEELM technology and devices.

During the course of the show FEELM attracted a great amount of attention. We were proud to have been interviewed by VAPE News, the original vape magazine and global authority on vape technology, business & lifestyle.

FEELM Tech is for the ‘NEXT POD’, as the poster says, the next generation of vaping devices aimed at the more discerning vaper. POD systems are the future, and FEELM will be leading the charge in the evolution of the vaping industry.

“Presently FEELM is not for open systems, but instead for pre-filled pod systems. FEELM is a next-generation vapor heating coil.”, said Jeff Yu, the Sales Director of FEELM Tech during an interview with VAPE News.

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Yu continued, “Many pods in the market don’t provide vapers with a good and consistent feeling, because the traditional coil, made of metal and a cotton wick, does not deliver juice very well. However, FEELM has innovated a new and ingenious solution to make these problems a thing of the past.”

“With traditional coils, leakage is always a concern when using pre-filled pods, it is the biggest problem for consumers. We tested a lot of pods that were equipped with the latest vaping technology. We can’t promise 100%, but the leakage rate has been decreased hugely, because the FEELM structure is sealed and integrated. We have been testing the market, sales are strong while feedback is very good.”

Yu also commented, “the increased heating surface vaporizes nicotine e-liquid more efficiently, reducing residual harmful substances within the vapor, bringing consumers a much healthier vape while improving flavor.

This was a taste of FEELM Technology.

Very soon, FEELM will go to Birmingham UK, to show off their innovative heating technology at Vaper Expo UK 2018, on May 4-6th. We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy a breakthrough vaping experience with a FEELM Technology POD.

Check the amazing moments Feelm debuted to the public at the first time:

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