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FEELM Wowed the World's Largest Vape Expo

On April 14-16, FEELM attended the worlds largest vape expo, the IECIE Shenzhen 2019. The impressive vaping experience FEELM Technology delivered and the appealing carnival atmosphere in the FEELM booth attracted the highest traffic during the expo.

 Posted on April 20, 2019

Feel the New Vape Pod Technology

In the vape world, Shenzhen is unquestionably the vape manufacturing capital. The IECIE E-cig Expo held every April in Shenzhen Exhibition Center is the world’s largest vape expo, not only in the exhibition area but also in the number of exhibitors and visitors. This year, the 5th IECIE Shenzhen Expo was held on April 14-16, and FEELM formally debuted in China market.
Pods were seen everywhere during the expo. FEELM, as the leading heating technology applied in closed pod systems, exhibited a dozen of new pod models. The stylish industrial design and outstanding build quality attracted a number of visitors to stop and have a try. The smooth draw, pure taste and similar experience to an actual cigarette led them to wonder how FEELM technology made the difference. We were so busy with providing more testers and answering questions.



Enjoy the Carnival Atmosphere

Since FEELM is the “Coil Kings and a breakthrough for vaping” (cited from the most prestigious media in the industry, Tobacco Reporter), the main purpose to attend the Expo is to shorten the distance between FEELM, a technology brand, and end-users. Therefore, several refreshing and relaxing activities were designed under the theme “Choose Fun, FEELM Carnival”.


Cheering squad, cosplay models, sand painting, bubble show, gifts as well as exquisite dessert and drink lasting for three whole days provided visitors a really enjoyable and unforgettable experience. FEELM had always been the most attractive stand during the expo. Lots of people were impressed by the sand painting. It was performed by a professional artist who used just sand and a lightbox to make the most amazing sand art telling the story of FEELM, which was projected onto a huge screen behind her.


'FEELM inside' Symbol Launch Event

During the event, “FEELM inside” was officially launched as the brand technology authentication symbol. It’s the only symbol to verify that FEELM technology is loaded and it has been registered worldwide as a trademark. The symbol has already been labeled on pod cartridges of about 15 brands, including Njoy, RELX, HEXA, Alfapod, Haka, and VFOLK. In the near future, it will be labeled on all pods with FEELM inside, providing end users a reference while making choices and ensuring them to enjoy the true purely smooth moments.

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