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Is Ceramic Coil Amazing?

Posted on February 02, 2019


Over the years, the ceramic coil of e-cigarette has come up with innovative ways on how to improve the experience for vapers all over the world. We all know the unique role that coils play in our vaping experience. The introduction of the ceramic coil has transformed the vaping industry, and the world at large, because it comes with numerous benefits to everyone who uses it.


1. What is ceramic coil?

Ceramics are household items, but who thought they had the qualities needed to change the world? Regular coils only last a few days, especially for those who vape very often but ceramic coils, can last for several weeks depending on a number of factors. Coils generally could be considered as atomizer heads.

A ceramic coil is simply a coil that is made to stick together with ceramic, to be the atomizer of the e-cigarette. , while still offering the optimum temperature that it needs to function properly. Since ceramic materials are the materials with the highest stiffness and hardness in engineering materials, and their hardness is mostly above 1500 HV. Ceramics have higher compressive strength, but lower tensile strength and poor plasticity and toughness. It means that they have the ability to withstand very high temperatures. This helps to increase the lifespan of coils and protect against oxidation reactions of the metal. This is the new version of the atomizer of the e-cigarette to help vapers to have much better experiences than the general cotton wick.


2. The design of ceramic coil

There are two major designs for this game changer. Both of these designs have their pros and cons, and it depends on what you desire, but the basic principle is the same; both of the coils are enclosed by the ceramic material. The designs are:

• The Microporous design: Here, the coil itself is sheathed in a cylinder that is made up porous ceramic. This arrangement is very important because it protects the coil, thereby making the ceramic to play the role of the wick. You do not need another wick, as the ceramic would soak up juice through the pores, enough to nourish the coil. The juice comes up by capillary action. Most of the time, the material used here is silicium. A typical example of brand that uses this design is the Vaporesso cCell. They are generally preferred for the better flavours.

Microporous Design of Ceramic coil

• Wire embedded in ceramic design: This design mimics the traditional coil design, except that the resistive wire itself is coated with a superficial layer of ceramic. This particular setting makes use of a cotton wick, just like other coils. A resistive wire runs in the cotton. The protective covering prevents further oxidation. The oxides that are contained in the arrangement are firmly trapped. They add to the electrical properties. Examples of brands that make use of this design are Kanger’s ceramic SSOCC coil. They are generally preferred for longevity.

The Vaporesso target, Freemax Scylla, Freemax stare, Horizon Krixus, Gigue Dolphin, Tug Tank by Flawless, etc. are just some examples of products that have been around for a while. You even find the rewickable ceramic coils in the Gigue and Krixus products.


3. How does the ceramic coil work?

The mode of operation is quite straightforward. You have a coil made from Kanthal or any other coil material. Kanthal is an alloy of iron-chromium-aluminium used in resistance and applications that require high temperature. Juice, which does not reach the base of the coil is in the ceramic tube. The kanthal wire then heats up the ceramic. It evaporates and brings out vapour for your use. Though, they take more time than normal to heat, ceramic coils have excellent heat retention qualities.


4. Functional improvement of ceramic coil

  • Temperature regulation: Ceramic coils give you the opportunity to regulate the temperature of your vape pen, unlike the wicks which have no temperature control. Cotton wicks are far more likely to overheat than ceramic coils.
  • Optimum Viscosity: Ceramic coils are built for liquids with higher viscosities such as cannabis oil, than wicks are made for lower viscosity.
  • Improved flavour: Ceramic coils provide a purer taste and flavour because of the fine temperature control. This ensures that the chances of getting a burnt taste from dry hits is virtually eliminated. Also, since the atmosphere of ceramics is inert, there is no side reaction that will occur to constitute an adulterated flavour.
  • A reduced chance of spitback: Spitback is like a form of reflux where any e-liquid that spits out of the coil, makes its way to your mouth. With ceramic coils, a form of barrier is made, so it becomes very difficult for the juice to gather around the coil.
  • Better vapour integrity: The microporous ceramic material, ensures that an adequate surface area is provided, which makes more juice to be vaporized, while maintaining the delivery. You will even need less juice because of the excellent heating ability of the ceramic coil. The material is also resistant to abrasion.
  • Increased life span: Basically, unlike traditional coils that have the cotton and the coil in direct contact, ceramic coils have ceramic in between the coil and the cotton, serving as a kind of buffer. This arrangement offers several advantages. For example, you know the cotton would be more likely to get burnt in traditional coils. Ceramics can tolerate high temperatures for a long time. This increases the lifespan of the device.
  • Resilience: Dry hits will not damage or destroy your ceramic coils unlike the cotton coils. The ceramic coat covering the coil protects everything for you. Most of the advantages of the ceramic coil bud from the heat resistant quality of the coil.

Ceramic coils have proven to be very much better in every aspect concerned here, than the cotton coils.


5. Is ceramic a trend in vaping market?

YES. As with most of life, the vaping market has been constantly growing and evolving. Pod vaping is the trend in the vaping market. Since 2016 when ceramic coils where introduced, it has only been an upward growth. Ceramic vape pens are at the top of the food chain in the vaping world, fast replacing the traditional cotton coils.

Moreover, ceramic hasn’t stopped its steps. It evolves to another generation after ultimate experiments and strict tests by engineering. There comes ceramic film in 2018, which is the ceramic worked with a reliable metal film together to be the atomizer of the e-cigarette. The heating metal film can provide a larger thermal touching surface with the ceramic, accelerate the atomization of the e-liquid, and comprehensively improve the smoking experience while vaping, you can draw much more easily.

feelm pod vape coil
The heating metal film can provide a larger thermal touching surface with the ceramic

Mostly this new heating technology is applied to closed pod system. In the past year, most of the big e-cigs brands have their products applied this new heating technology, like DOT VAPE KIT, HEXA POD, ALFA POD, NJOY ACE and RELX, etc.


6. Who has the technology for manufacturing ceramic film of vape pod?

FEELM Tech. Pretty straightforward answer. Feelm Tech has the contemporary technology for your next pod system, who is the manufactory of above e-cigs brands for manufacturing the closed pod system. Not only for the Metal Film Heating Technology, feelm also improves the design of ceramic, which looks like a bowl, replacing the microporous design.

pre-filled pod system
Feelm’s Bowl Design of Ceramic

Bowl design is perfectly to catch all the e-liquid in a “bowl” for atomization. The “bowl” makes the e-liquid being more concentrated, which will not cause any waste of the e-liquid, thus it effectively eliminated the problem of e-liquid leakage.

While you might have heard that microporous ceramic coils may be dangerous to the health because of the powder it may produce. The tendency for a ceramic coil properly taken care of to release silica powder is extremely low. Instead, ceramic coils have improved the quality of vapour, leading to better health of the consumer. Ceramic is inert. This means that you are not exposed to chemical reactions which may be dangerous to your health. Basic on this, “Bowl” design also fixed the powder problem of the ceramic because of the integrated design.

feelm lab, feelm vaping innovation, feelm vaping solution
Feelm Lab never stops exploring the vaping technology.

You may have a question on this stage: how could Feelm do this?

You won't be surprised if you search on Google and see that Feelm Tech is the technology brand of Smoore, who has 9 factories in China and has numerous clients all over the world. With the strong background of Smoore, its 260 scientists, engineers and technicians in smoore labs who constantly designs and make a precise testing to finally make the achievement on it. Also, smoore owns more than 700 international intellectual patents. Born on this circumstance, the new brand heating technology Feelm, achieved the Golden Leaf Awards as new comer in the e-cigs industry.


7. Conclusion of the Ceramic coil and Ceramic film

The ceramic coils is amazing basic on the characters on the ceramic. However, it’s not the final achievement on ceramic by using on e-cigs, it moves forward, finally makes ceramic film. The new heating technology of ceramic film is amazing to all vapers again, and we are looking for next generation of ceramic as well.

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