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Relx prides itself the first Chinese pod vape with Feelm

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Posted on August 17, 2018


Relx is a new type of pod system vape that adopts Feelm heating coil. The Relx team has a better vision to do great good to the world. Kate Wang, the Relx CEO, has shown her skilled leadership for P&G, Uber and Didi Group before. Wang and pensionable startup team, with their associative experience of hardware, consumer product and IT, have proven that they are the right ones to perform the task for people’s health.

Relx electronic cigarette vape is a big success and great hit in Chinese vaping market, so that Wang and her partners all pride Relx the first Chinese pod system vape with Feelm innovative heating technology. They think the Feelm ceramic coil inside the pod is one key factor.

The Relx team announced that the slim electronic cigarette vape uses the Feelm innovative heating technology. It is stable and high-temperature resistance, safe and easy to deliver the E-liquid, and bring users softer puffs and leakage free experience.

Feelm's heating coil is a micropore structured-ceramic coil with a flat metal film. The strong absorption and delivery ability. As the heating element, Feelm is different essentially in vaporizing ability when compared with other pod system devices:



  • · The honeycomb-hole design on the ceramic coil can heat each drop of E-liquid adequately, so the vapor is much softer;
  • · The adequate heating of the E-liquid general more vapor, so vapers can enjoy the real puffing experience;
  • · The regular coil shape makes the assembly more sealed, so it prevents the E-liquid from dropping and leaking.

Powered by the Feelm innovative ceramic coil, Relx devices are sold famously both online and offline and have got great fame by word of mouth. On Jun. 25th, Relx announced it received the A round of financing with capital of 380 thousand RMB, funded by Source Code Capital and IDG Capital. It is so popular and famous that the issued article was titled with “Challenging the IQOS in Chinese Market, Relx Announced the Success of A Round of Financing with 380 Thousand RMB” in Tencent News.

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