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Things You Should Know about 'FEELM inside' Symbol

1. What is FEELM inside symbol?
FEELM is a heating technology brand owned by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited. FEELM Technology offers a series of excellent complete pod solutions for global business partners, from the core ceramic heating technology to the matched E-liquid solution, high battery efficiency, and stylish industrial design.
So as to provide end-users a reference while making choices and to ensure them to enjoy the true purely smooth moments, “FEELM inside” was officially launched as the brand technology authentication symbol on April 15, 2019. It's the only symbol to verify that FEELM technology is loaded and it has been registered worldwide as a trademark.


The design of the “FEELM inside” symbol is inspired by the shape of the actual FEELM coil, which is the essence of the FEELM technology, the best element to visually represent FEELM and the unique symbol for FEELM products. Through the concise design, we would like to deliver the smoothness and pureness of FEELM technology to end-users.

2. Where is FEELM inside symbol? 

With the rapid development of FEELM Technology, “FEELM inside” symbol can be seen more and more frequently all over the world. Mainly, end users can find the symbol on pod cartridges, online and offline marketing materials.

2.1 Pod Cartridges 

FEELM technology has been applied in a dozen of closed pod brands. And “FEELM inside” symbol has been labeled on pod cartridges of almost all the brands, including Njoy, RELX, HEXA, Alfapod, Haka, VAPO, Innocigs and so on. In the near future, it will be labeled on all pods driving by FEELM technology and “FEELM inside” symbol should be the first thing customers looking for while choosing a pod.

2.2 Online and Offline Marketing Materials
Since FEELM inside is the only official reference to FEELM technology, all online and offline marketing materials provided by FEELM and related to FEELM are adopting FEELM inside symbol. Its applied in packaging boxes, product brochures, display stands, exhibition booths, posters, videos and so on. FEELM inside symbol will be like the Intel inside symbol, being well known in the vaping industry, and even the whole world.


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