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FEELM Lab to unveil their revolutionary heating technology at Vapor Expo 2018

Posted on May 09, 2018



FEELM has realized a breakthrough in vaping technology.

Shenzhen, China: Today, FEELM Lab is a research center that keeps innovating and continuously progressing the technology of Metal Film Heating, announced that it will be launching the FEELM brand based on its breakthrough heating technology at Vapor Expo 2018. Their event details are:

  • Vaper Expo 2018, Birmingham. UK
  • The NEC National Exhibition Centre
  • 4th-6th, May
  • FEELM Tech Booth number: C210
  • FEELM Tech Website: www.feelmtech.com
  • Media contact: pr@smoorecig.com

The name FEELM is a combination “Fresh Feel + Metal Film”, and they are passionate about improving Vaping Performance by increasing safety and efficiency of Heating Technology in the industry. This is a revolutionary technology, which combines a Metal Film with Ceramic, is a breakthrough in traditional Materials and Structural Science, introduces some major benefits in the vaping industry by matching this new Film Heating technology in a Pod System that brings an excellent vaping Feel to e-cigarette enthusiasts.

Fresh Taste

FEELM uses an Advance Structure and Heating Film design in a completely sealed assembly, preventing any E-Liquid dripping or leaking.


Unrivaled Safety

FEELM heating technology has a broad surface, producing vapor instantly, allowing for accurate & consistent Temperatures and reduction in HPHC (Harmful and Potentially Harmful constituent).

When asked about the FEELM heating technology, Frank Han, General Manager of Strategic Marketing Business Division said, “This company is driven by two things: safety and innovation. These are very important factors in what we do. The future of vaping products is about the combination of sophisticated engineering and top-level breakthroughs in fundamental vaping technology.”


About FEELM Lab:

FEELM Lab is a research center owned by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited. Smoore Scientific R&D Center was founded in 2013 and owns a Research Center, Research Institute, and Technology Industrialization Center. Smoore Scientific R&D Center employs more than 200 scientists and scientific experts that collaborate on the development and assessment of its Atomization and Heating platform. At the moment, we own more than 500 international technology patents.


About Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited:


Founded in 2006, based in Bao'an Shenzhen, Smoore is one of the pioneers in the E-cig manufacturing industry. Smoore owns three brands which are FEELM, VAPORESSO, and CCELL, has been listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) since December 2015. In order to help prioritize innovation, Smoore created the Institute of Fundamental Technology in 2013 to help the company focus on fundamental technological developments in the e-cigarette industry.

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