Feelm heating coil, coil king for pod, ceramic coil for pod

The new Feelm atomizer from Smoore uses an advanced metal heating film technology to improve the pod-style vaping experience.

By Timothy S. Donahue, from Vapor Voice

It’s a breakthrough for vaping. The new Feelm coil from Smoore is the latest development in heating technology from one the most successful companies in the vapor industry. Designed for primarily pre-filled pod systems, the Feelm atomizer uses no cotton or wicking material and has a large surface area that comes in contact with the e-liquid.

The Feelm atomizer uses a ceramic base that has a flat, medical-grade stainless steel metal film material on top of it, according to Sofia Luo, marketing director for Feelm. “The circuit is on the top and it works very well especially with prefilled pods because of the increased surface area, which allows for a better vaping experience,” says Luo.

Being sure the Feelm technology minimized the possibility for tank leakage was a major concern for the company, according to Luo. “Closed pod leakage is very hard to fix, harder than even fixing leaks on an open tank. You need the pod connection to be right with the battery and still get the vapor from on top,” she says. “This is very complicated to fix.” The Feelm atomizer can also significantly reduce any potentially harmful substances in vapor.

The larger coil surface area of the Feelm atomizer provides a better vape than closed pods that use a wicking material, according to a survey of 500 testers, customers and distributors conducted by Smoore. Luo says when comparing the wick to Feelm, it’s a very different vape. “Feelm is much smoother. When you inhale, many people say it is more similar to a cigarette. It’s the amount of vapor and how it feels when vaping it,” she says, adding that tobacco users are going to switch to products that satisfy. “Other devices don’t really provide this sensation. The inhale experience with Feelm is much drier than the wet feeling you get from wick coils. Feelm is trying to create the best products to satisfy smokers and Feelm’s smoother throat hit – that’s always there – is more like the cigarette experience.”

Feelm is also a very efficient coil. Luo says it uses up to 20 percent less battery life, which can be a huge benefit to closed-pod systems that keep getting smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, the company is only focusing on using the vaporizing technology for pod in prefilled pod systems, according to Luo. “It works really well in a closed pod system. We may change and add additional devices and open systems in the future but we really think this is the absolute best coil currently on the market for all types of prefilled pod systems.”

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