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One Golden Leaf Winner is Feelm

Posted on September 20, 2018



Feelm received a Golden Leaf Award in the Most exciting newcomer the industry category. Owned by Shenzhen Smoore Technology, Feelm has developed an innovative heating system for vapor products. This revolutionary technology combines a metal film with a ceramic conductor, a breakthrough in materials and structural science that represents a new frontier in the area of vapor atomization.

The metal film design creates an extraordinary broad heating surface that can accurately and intelligently apply temperature. This, in turn, ensures instant vapor production, along with a reduction in harmful substances, according to Feelm.

A completely sealed assembly prevents e-liquid from leaking or dripping. The technology also ensures a richer taste and smoother throat hit than traditional technologies, making the vaping experience more similar to traditional smoking.

The Smoore Scientific Center comprises a research center, a research institute and a technology industrialization center. The organization employs more than 200 scientists who collaborate on the development and assessment of its atomization and heating platform. To date, it has secured more than 500 technology patents.

Smoore Technology has a large manufacturing base in China and works with large tobacco companies to produce Feelm Pod systems for their devices.

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