1. What is Feelm Tech?

Feelm is the evolved vaping coil for pod system. It is the evolved and world's latest Metal Film Heating Technology in the vaping industry. Feelm Lab aims to make vaping the most authentic smoking alternative.

2. What are the differences between Feelm Coil and general coils?

Free of wick and cotton, FEELM is a revolutionary technology which combines a Metal Film with a Ceramic Conductor. Breakthrough in the material & structure sciences, 1000 degrees Celsius sintering process, amount of engineering experiments and strict tests forge the reliable metal film heating coil.

· Vape Instantly: Feelm technology works efficiently, producing rich vapor from the first puff to the last.

· Smooth Vapor: The Feelm coil is of 0.1mm diameter cellular pinhole of the ceramic coil, and it can heat and vaporize the E-liquid uniformly and sufficiently, making each puff soft and smooth.

· True Flavor: The advanced vape coil delivers the nicotine at maximum efficiency, making the vape most similar to traditional cigarette or cigar.

· Leak-proof: FEELM uses an Advanced Structure and Heating Film design, which drives in a completely sealed assembly, preventing the E-liquid from dripping or leaking more effectively.

· No Gurgling or Spitting: Feelm makes the gurgling noises and liquid spitting issues things of the past, and brings great throat hits from the first puff to the last.

3. Can I be the Feelm partner?

FEELM Tech offers end-to-end solution of Closed Pod system for worldwide partners, we provide OEM&ODM service with FEELM coil, welcome to contact Feelm team via feelm@smoorecig.com

4. Where can I buy the pod devices with Feelm inside?

Feelm Lab does not do B2C business and offer pod devices to users directly yet, you can buy the devices from our partner brands like Dot Vape Kit, Hexa Vapor, Alfa Pod, and will introduce more in future.

5. How long does a Feelm pod last?

Feelm pods vary From 1.0 ml to 2.0ml and is intended to last 200-350 puffs. However, individual vaping habits may vary.

6. Can I refill Feelm-inside pods with my own e-liquid?

Feelm technology can be only applied for the easy-use closed/pre-filled pod system.