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FEELM and Aroma King Continue European Expansion with Trendsetting Innovations

Sep 27-2023

Aroma King, a leading vape brand renowned from Poland, has unveiled its latest disposable product: The Cosmic Max, further expanding its presence in Europe.

Since 2020, Aroma King has rapidly made its mark on the European vaping scene. Its product, the Cosmic Max, have gained traction across the European markets, including Spain, France, Belgium, and Austria. The brand’s other flagship product, the Cosmic Box, is poised for upcoming release in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The groundbreaking Cosmic Max integrates FEELM Max, the world-first ceramic coil disposable technology. It distinguishes itself by delivering over 800 puffs with 2mL of e-liquid, while most of the disposable products in the market only offers up to 600 puffs, thus creating a new industry standard in TPD regions. This technological development presents a superior alternative to many disposables that are backed by cotton coil technology.

With a 30% increase in puff count from 2mL e-liquid compared to its competitors, Cosmic Max sets a new industry benchmark. Another advantage of ceramic coil is it offers a flavour consistency rate exceeding 95%. These features, combined with the device’s signature transparent e-liquid tank, not only alleviate e-juice related concerns but also enhance its visual appeal. Reflecting their industry impact, Aroma King proudly received the “Industry Leader” title at the 2023 Vapouround Awards.

Crafted in a sleek cylindrical design, Cosmic Max tantalizes with an array of 15 distinct flavours, offering a rich variety to the European market. Consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, frequently highlighting its “smooth”, “consistent”, and “high-level of flavour reproduction”.

Furthermore, the eagerly anticipated Cosmic Box, featuring a unique box design, is set to hit markets including Germany, Spain, Italy, in the coming months.


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FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.