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HEXA Reinvigorates Belgium’s No.1 Category, Transforms the European Disposable Market with FEELM Max

Oct 23-2023

Since securing the No.1 position in the Belgian market in both major categories of pod-system and disposable products, HEXA has been rapidly rolling out its products to the wider European market. With the trend of disposable products gaining popularity in the European market, HEXA has created HEXA Go, which is now available in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Estonia.

FEELM, the global leader in closed vape system solutions, is the technology supplier of HEXA’s pod and disposable products. HEXA has been ranked No.1 in the Belgian market in both the pod-system and disposable vapes, with FEELM as the driving force behind it.

HEXA Go continues the extraordinary compliance of HEXA’s high quality products, as the new disposables quickly passed the EU TPD directive along with its launch. It is one of the reasons why the product has been able to seize the opportunity to promote rapidly in the European market.

In the U.S. market, FEELM’s parent company, SMOORE, has become the manufacturer that has helped the highest number of clients to pass the PMTA application, while in the European market, several FEELM customers, such as HEXA Go, have also quickly passed the TPD to complete their speedy rollout.

As of now, HEXA Go has reached more than 50% share in the disposable segment in Belgium. The product is equipped with the FEELM Max 800+ disposable solution, which can increase the number of TPD compliant disposable product puffs from the common 600 puffs to more than 800 puffs, for the first time in the industry. Since the FEELM Max solution adopts ceramic coil, it avoids the wastage of vaporized e-liquid, a common problem in traditional cotton coils. It is leaps and bounds in increasing the number of puffs possible in TPD-compliant disposable products for the EU market, with a more delicate and smooth mouthfeel experience.

Previously, HEXA pod-system products used FEELM ceramic core solution, and with this differentiated technology they quickly became the No.1 brand of pod-system vapes in Belgium. HEXA’s pod vapes have captured a share of more than 70% the category’s market. The success of HEXA’s pod-system products is a testament that FEELM is a truly differentiated technology with significant market competitiveness. Therefore, since the beginning of the planning of the disposable category, HEXA continued to choose the ceramic core solution. It became the creation of the top brand of the Belgian disposable vape, HEXA Go.

Although the HEXA Go is humbly labelled as 750 puffs, a test report distributed to visitors on the show floor confirms that the FEELM Max solution on board the HEXA Go is truly accommodating the 800+ puff technology. The report was issued by Inter Scientific, an independent third-party testing organisation, and their tests showed that the actual number of puffs in FEELM Max vaping can reach 880-920 puffs. It also verifies that the actual number of puffs in the HEXA Go can easily exceed 800.

In the process of rapid growth of the European disposable market, product quality upgrading and technological differentiation is the key to breaking through the industry’s highly competitive environment, to achieve transcendence of the flat line that many brands are experiencing. At present, there are several FEELM Max customers who have broken through quickly in various regions of Europe and occupied the position of disposable leaders in the local market, such as HEXA Go, AROMA KING, OS Vape and more.

At this German exhibition, several new products equipped with FEELM Max technology also made a concentrated appearance, and it is not difficult to see that FEELM Max has already become a disposable technology benchmark in the European market.


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FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.