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FEELM Turbo Promises 'Explosion' of Flavor

Feb 20-2024

FEELM, a leading vape solution provider, has launched the world’s first “burst power ceramic coil” vape solution. The FEELM Turbo solution leverages “cutting-edge” ceramic coil technology to deliver an explosion of flavor for consumers, according to an emailed press release.

“Like none others, it can deliver intense flavors, powerful vapor in the shortest time, and enduringly long product life. Compared to other high-powered vapes, products equipped with FEELM Turbo have smaller sizes yet deliver even higher bursts of vapor,” FEELM states. “This technology is also perfectly adapted to the two major vape categories, the disposables, and the pod-system, suitable for customers to create differentiated products to seize the market.”

Despite its small size, the Turbo can deliver a 200 percent improvement in taste intensity. It efficiently atomizes large molecules while enhancing e-liquid aroma recovery, resulting in a richer and more satisfying hit, according to the release. “With a burst time of just 0.5 seconds, it outperforms mainstream products on the market by strides. Tests show that just one burst power ceramic coil performs more than on par with dual MESH coils,” FEELM states.

At this year’s TPE exhibition, FEELM showcased an ultra-thin burst power disposable product the 2024 TPE trade show held in Las Vegas at the end of January. With a body thickness of only 14mm, the product “impressed consumers with its elegant thinness, excellent feel, and powerful first puff. It truly lives up to its name: ‘thin yet powerful!'”

The FEELM Turbo solution delivers significantly more vapor at a lower power setting. Compared to dual Mesh products on the market, FEELM Turbo sees an 80 percent increase in performance, offering a richer flavor experience. The Turbo also boasts constant power engine technology, which ensures consistent flavor and vapor volume throughout the product’s lifespan.

“Users can enjoy the same satisfying taste with every puff, unlike mainstream products where flavor often fades to bland. Compared to the competitors, FEELM Turbo products demonstrate a 35 percent improvement in flavor consistency and a remarkable 95 percent consistency in the vapor volume,” the release states.


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FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.