This is FEELM For Next Pod
For Next Pod

The First Generation of
ClosedSystem Solution

Ceramic Coil

As a result of cross-disciplinary research involving Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, and Materials Science, this coil features microporous structure and integrates specialized metallic film with ceramic substrate to form an ultra-wide heating surface for accurate and intelligent heating, thereby constantly generating a large amount of vapor.

The Industry’s First “Puzzle” Leakage-proof Technology

The Industry’s First “Puzzle” Leakage-proof Technology

11-layered “Puzzle" structure to prevent condensation layer by layer, and independently isolate and accurately controls the gas exchange and air exchange thereby addressing the industry’s pain point of leakage.

The Industry’s Exclusive Constant Power Solution

The Industry’s Exclusive Constant Power Solution

By precisely controlling the range of the electronic resistance, this solution features accurate temperature control and stable atomization, hence consistently extraordinary vaping experience till the last puff.

Cotton core VS Ceramic core

FEELM Ceramic Coil

FEELM Ceramic Coil
  • Aerosol particles smaller than 1um, even and Smoothvapor brings pure and intense flavor

  • Consistent premium vaping experience till the last puff

  • Greater satisfaction, nicotine delivery efficiency increases 87.58%

  • Much better temperature uniformity, no burnt taste

  • Ceramic coil and better airtightness hugely decrease the leakage rate

  • No splitting, extremely quiet

  • Automated production and international inspection Criteria guarantee high quality

  • Flavor

  • Consistency

  • Satisfaction

  • Burnt Taste

  • Leakage Rate

  • Splitting

  • Quality Control

Cotton Coil

Cotton Coil
  • Large aerosol particles, intense but uneven Vapor results in sticky taste

  • Weak consistency, vaping experience fades gradually

  • lnefficient nicotine delivery leads to low satisfaction

  • Uneven heat causes constant dry hit

  • Loose structure cannot lock the E-liquid firmly, high leakage rate

  • Popping and Crackling sounds,high risk

  • Traditional manual production leads to unstable quality


FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.