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FEELM Science

Science and Technology are the Driving Force of FEELM’s Develop

By acquiring global talents and partnering with top universities and research institutes, FEELM has integrated world-class research resources, to maintain its leadership in key fields, fundamental and applied technologies.

Developing More Reliable Products
with Higher Standards

  • World-leading Safety Standards

    World-leading Safety Standards

    1. Cover PMTA non-clinical research 2.Cover all EU TPD tests

  • The Significance of Harm Reduction

    The Significance of Harm Reduction

    The world's first real-time monitoring research project on nicotine satisfaction using cutting-edge neurotechnologies. This research surveys the secretion and metabolism of dopamine in animal brains, to simulates the state of the human brain when ingesting nicotine.

Improving Experience and Taste

  • The Industry's First Taste Evaluation Model: FEELM Taste Evalua

    The second generation of FEELM Taste Evaluation Model is composed of 5 dimensions, namely Aroma, Vapor Property, Impact, Taste or mouthfeel, and Aftertaste, with 65 specific indexes, establishing a scientific system to evaluate vaping experience.

  • The World’s Highest Singe
    Line Productivity


  • Yield Rate


  • Full Process

    100% Self-inspection

  • TAnnualProduction Volume

    Over3 Billion Pieces

Intelligent Manufacturing
Guaranteeing Product Quality

Intelligent Manufacturing
Guaranteeing Product Quality


FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.