On November 19th, Vapouround, the prestigious vape media, announced the Vapouround Awards 2020 Winners on its official website. FEELM won two valued awards——Industry Leader and Innovation of the Year!


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Vapouround is one of the most influential and respected media in vape industry. Its Vapouround Bus has contributed a lot to the education and development of vaping. The annual Vapouround Awards Ceremony has been a grand occasion for the whole industry, especially Europe.


This year, FEELM was granted the Industry Leader Winner after being assessed from global market share, global influence, technical innovation, consumers’ feedback and several other vital perspectives. 


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FEELM Tech is a revolutionary atomization technology brand belonging to SMOORE, which was just listed on Hong Kong stock market this July (stock code: 6969.HK) . According to Frost & Sullivan, SMOORE were the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share, in 2019.


The unique FEELM ceramic coil is the core of FEELM technology. It’s composed of a porous ceramic conductor and a thin layer of metallic film. It’s specially designed for closed pod systems. FEELM Tech’s atomization technology first appeared on the market around 2018. Till now, it has been widely adopted by over 15 brands. And the annual productive capacity of FEELM inside pods has surpassed 1.2 Billion. 


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FEELM employs over 600 exports—scientists, PhDs, and researchers—in materials and atomization fields. After making breakthroughs in materials science, hydromechanics and other areas, the FEELM coil was created. Furthermore, FEELM has applied over 1600 global patents. Till now, FEELM has won a number of domestic and international awards like Golden Leaf Awards, China Patent Excellence Award and iF Design Award 2020.


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FEELM will still be devoted to improving the atomization technology, helping more adult smokers to lead a healthier life.