The year 2020 is surely unusual, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. After so many international vape exhibitions have been canceled, it’s fortunate that the world’s largest one, the 2020 IECIE Shenzhen E-Cig Expo, is able to be held successfully during Aug. 20-22. The 3-day show has attracted 2,536 vape brands and 54,809 visitors, which are beyond expectations.




Once again, FEELM has drawn great attention. WeChat data platform shows that the number of FEELM followers increases by about 1,500. Holding a 180-square-meter booth, FEELM provides professional technology information as well as joyful visiting experiences.




At the beginning of 2020, FEELM launched the updated pod solution. With vapor production increasing 44.53%, it delivers intenser flavor; nicotine delivery efficiency increasing 87.58%, it brings greater satisfaction, and leakage rate dramatically decreasing 98%, it offers a much better vaping experience. Matching with novel industrial design, dozens of new products are presented and being spoken highly of.





Besides professional technology and high-quality products, FEELM also tries to provide a pleasant visiting experience. A game zone has been set up, and tons of fascinating gifts have been handed out; a charming bartender has been invited and supplies a diverse range of cocktails; a team of gorgeous stylish dancers performs three times a day, attracting a large number of visitors. The atmosphere of the FEELM booth is always entertaining and delightful!





Walking around at IECIE, the “FEELM inside” symbol will jump into your sight frequently. Six of our strategic partners, namely MOTI, YOOZ, Xander, VFOLK, Vango, and Vibe, attends the show and you can easily catch “FEELM inside” on their posters, videos, and marketing materials. All over the world, we have around 20 strategic partners, helping adult smokers switch to a better life.