With the environmental issue of e-cigarettes receiving more and more concerns, it is good news that some manufacturers are taking it seriously in their practice. The Disposable Paper E-cigarette, winner of the 2020 iF Award, is a work by FEELM, an innovative atomization technology brand.


The FEELM product features a new eco-friendly paper, which improves the degradability to a staggering rate of 76% in volume when compared with regular plastic ones. Also, the multi-layer paper-rolling design is characterized by hygiene and social functions. The used outer layer of the mouthpiece can be torn off before it is passed on to the next 15 users. This design protects personal health and spreads the concept of environmental protection while socializingamong adult smokers.



The iF DESIGN AWARD is a world-renowned design competition in product, packaging, architecture, service design, etc. First awarded in 1953, itis the oldest independent design seal in the world,a symbol of outstanding design achievements that focuses on the innovative power of design.



FEELM provides innovative and exceptional heating technology for closed pod systems. NJOY, RELX, HEXA, Haka, VAPO, Alfapod, and many other brands are loaded with FEELM technology. The sales volume of pods with FEELM inside has surpassed 1 billion.


Same as Vaporesso and CCELL, FEELMis an independent business division of Shenzhen SMOORETechnology Limited., which is a leading company in the vaping industry. There are over 400 experts in SMOORE Research Institute, owning 1600 global patents.