“It’s hard, really hard.”This is the first thing that occursto Steven while summarizing his two-yearworkin FEELM. As a R&D Director, Steven has 20-year work experience in this field. But he claims the innovation of FEELM is much different from that of other categories. On one side, technical innovationand quality control are essential parts. But on the other, there are moreto be explored for Steven and his team, which is definitely a big challenge.

01The biggest challenge is myself”

Steven has not realized the complexity of his work until 3 months after joining in Smoore in 2017. “I can handle it!”Steven was so confident at first. In his opinion, atomizer wastoo tiny to be more complicated than other electronic devices. Compared with traditional household appliances, the life circle of atomizersis much shorter, only 1-2 years, which requires constant innovation. Steven felt an unprecedented pressure without any references.“Experience is of no use. We have to start from zero.”Steven said, “I have to challenge myself”. Due tothelack of knowledge and inexperiencedteam, Steven started to search fora solution. He reckons it is an effective way to build a systematic framework after disassembling and analyzing the product. Apart from work, Steven likes to read books, covering a wide range of topics in relation to technologyand management, for example, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Zero to One, Crossing the Chasm, Crucial conversations andCrucial Accountabilityare his favorite.“Technology plays the key role in this industry, we need to keep absorbing in something new.”

02The pressure is ten times than ever

Within two and half years, the R&D team has expanded from only 8 members to 80. Steven’spriority has now transferred from product assessment and marketing toproductplanning. What impressed Steven most was a four-month work period,from Mar. to Jun., 2018, when he and over 20 colleagues of his team regularly organized meetingsfrom 6pm to 9pm discussing and optimizingresearchmethods before productswere put into production. “I feel like learning a lot”Steven concluded. “We can always feel the product in a better way than machines”. In his view, “3+2”is the assessment criteria to evaluate the product, which has to be seriously obeyed. To be more specific,‘3’represents outstanding atomization performance, excellent product experience and differentiated product selling points,while‘2’stands for unique product display as well as after-sale customer service. “In no way could a product be launched if the criteria not met”.

In order to lay a solid foundation forFEELM’s core advantage, Steven knows they should make some breakthroughs. With this goal, they conduct strict testsand12 of them are for atomization. Moreover, the team take effortsin battery invention with 20 tests to go so as to match the highstandard.Because of the leadership of Stevens, R&D department stays updated and provides multiple integratede-cigarettesolutionsbased on ceramic atomization. Products with FEELM insidehas now been exported to many countries and religions, earninggreat reputations. “It is so meaningful that the team grow up fast.”Steven proudly says.

03Research and Develop with Passion

Dating back to 2018,FEELM undertook a new project. As the technologywas under optimization at that time, Steven and his team have spenta large amount of time on practicing, testifying and improving itto meet clients’strict requirements. Eventually, good results come with their great contribution. It was from then on that FEELM inside has been renowned internationally. Within less than one year after FEELM’s foundation,large orders were placed.This was definitely an great honor but Steven refused to take it only in this way.

‘Stay alert and carry on’, Steven takes this rule as his belief. On one hand, Steven demandshis team membersto be the best. But on the other, he builds an intimate relationship with them. Perhaps influenced by poems, Steven shows his softness while beingstrict. In Steven’s phone, hundreds of photoshave witnessed the team growing from 8 to 80, “I would like to rememberevery one of them”Steven said,“ Since I’ve decided to go to a distant place,I’ll try my best to make the trip.”With the interview goingto an end, Steven mentioned his youthlife decades ago,“I care not whether future is smooth or muddy,if only i have passion for life, everything will go as expected.”written by one of Steven’s favorite poets, GuozhenWang. Just like Steven’s work, problems are in front but the goal is clear. More importantly, it is this passion that supports Steven to move forward.