Dating back to 2018 while FEELM technology brand was originally founded, “For Next Pod” was proposed as the brand slogan. Offering premium quality and experience, the next pod driven by FEELM technology were better choices for billion users worldwide.


Ever since then, we’ve recruited top R&D engineers and applied basic science such as materials, hydromechanics, aerodynamics and thermodynamics to build a world-leading atomization technology platform. 


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Nowadays, you can find closed pods with FEELM ceramic coil all over the world. Our partners hold 70% and 30% market shares respectively in China and America market. But we never stop exploring consumers’ demands. What do they want most? What’s their focus? Are we able to satisfy their demands by making progress in technology?


Part 1  What have we found?


At the beginning of 2020, FEELM launched a worldwide survey and collected thousands of answer sheets. Meanwhile we studied lots of professional investigation reports and opinions.


And we came to a conclusion that consumers’ ultimate vaping pursuit is taste.

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Ever since closed pods loaded with FEELM technology were launched in early 2018, we had continuously collected feedback from tens of thousands of end users. Based on multidimensional analysis and comparison, we find that they prefer pods driven by FEELM ceramic coils over other heating technology products, especially in dimensions concerning taste such as smoothness, leakage, nicotine delivery efficiency and consistency.


Part 2  What did they say?


Feedback from tens of thousands of consumers indicates that the biggest advantage of products with FEELM inside is great tast. Whilst the hidden secret of great taste lies in FEELM Ceramic Coil.

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Part 3  Secret to Great Taste


Heating technology makes our life better and FEELM makes vaping taste better.


Today, FEELM redefines heating technology, integrates with cutting-edge technology and inherits the spirit of ingenuity. From the first coil to the billionth, FEELM is consistent with high quality, delivering exceptional vaping experience to the entire world.


FEELM Ceramic Coil, Secret to Great Taste.

We Never Stop Exploring the Hidden Secret.


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