Innovative Heating Technology For Next Pod

Intenser Flavor

Loaded with upgraded pod solution, vapor production increases distinctively. Millions of micro size pores in the ceramic coil generates smoother and purer vapor, delivering great taste and exceptional vaping experience.

Dynamic Balance Leakproof Technology

Composed of a series of leak-proof solutions, Dynamic Balance Leak-proof Technology is able to lower the leakage rate up to 98%, compared with ordinary pods.

Bowl-shaped FEELM Coil, Anti-Condensation Structure, U-shaped Air Passage, Three Air Passages and Maze Structure are part of the solutions. Dynamic Balance Leak-proof Technology adopts different solutions according to different pods, aiming to lower the leakage rate to the greatest extend.

Greater Satisfaction

Each drop of E-liquid is vaporized to aerosol particles smaller than 1μm, significantly improving the efficiency of nicotine delivery.


Cotton Coil

Aerosol particles smaller than 1μm, even and smooth vapor brings pure and intense flavor
Large aerosol particles, intense but uneven vapor results in sticky taste
Consistent premium vaping experience till the last puff
Weak consistency, vaping experience fades gradually
Greater satisfaction, nicotine delivery efficiency increases 87.58%
Inefficient nicotine delivery leads to low satisfaction
Much better temperature uniformity, no burnt taste
Uneven heat causes constant dry hit
Bowl-shaped ceramic coil and better airtightness hugely decrease the leakage rate
Loose structure cannot lock the E-liquid firmly, high leakage rate
No splitting, extremely quiet
Sparking and Crackling noises, high risk
Automated production and international inspection criteria guarantee high quality
Traditional manual production leads to unstable quality
Media Review

“Great build quality, most accurate emulation of a cigarette to date and very smooth draw. FEELM clearly have a very solid platform here and I look forward to future applications of the technology.”

Media Review

“The FEELM coil performs well. The flavor is really clean, comfortably warm, and the throat hit is solid. There was no leaking, spitting, or popping whatsoever! It’s also a super silent vape. ”

Media Review

“The FEELM Pod offers neat finishes, remarkable quality, an effective pleasant vape in a compact format. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for starting an electronic cigarette.”

Media Review

“Those cutting edge coils are obviously the driving force behind a truly crisp and flavoursome vape, the vape whilst on the cool side of warm, is still extremely smooth and very enjoyable.”

Media Review

COIL KINGS: The new FEELM atomizer from SMOORE uses an advanced metal heating film technology to improve the pod-style vaping experience.