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FEELM Wins 7 Times at MENA Vape Awards

Jun 27-2023

The closed-system solution provider for the world’s largest atomization company, Smoore, captured seven prestigious awards at the Vapouround Mena Vape Awards 2023 held during World Vape Show Dubai.

FEELM, a subsidiary of Smoore, earned high praise at the vent and was crowned Best Manufacturer and Industry Leader beating out a roster of international competition.

Speaking after the ceremony, Rex Zhang, assistant president of FEELM said it was an honor to be recognized as a main player in the industry.

“This is especially exciting considering FEELM also walked away a winner at the Vapouround Global Awards in the UK earlier this year,” he said. “We pour huge amounts of time, effort and resources into optimizing our brand to be the best it can be and developing new technologies that can level up the vape category as a whole – these awards act as proof that we are very much on the right track.”

As well as celebrating its own successes at the Dubai event, FEELM also saw some of its clients take to the winner’s podium. Vape brands PYRO, Aroma King and DEJA VOO – which use FEELM technology in their products – won Best Newcomer, Industry Leader and Best Disposable respectively.

Adding to the list of accolades for brands using FEELM technology, RELX garnered the Best Brand award and also received recognition for its WAKA device securing the runner-up position for Best Newcomer.

“Congratulations to both of these companies. It’s great to see exceptional brands, who are doing exceptional things, get the recognition they deserve,” said Zhang.

The Vapouround MENA Awards coincides with the World Vape Show (WVS) in Dubai, which is one of the biggest expos in the industry calendar.

FEELM used this year’s WVS event as an opportunity to showcase its latest technological developments such as FEELM Max, Topower and Power Alpha.


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FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.