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HEXA Brought the Right Smoking Alternative to Europeans

Jul 08-2022

At a Glance

l  HEXA, founded in 2017, is Belgium’s top e-cigarette brand, with a focus on accelerating the transition to a tobacco free world and giving people the choice of alternative nicotine products. Europe is the second largest e-cig market worldwide (expected to surpass $20 billion by 2025), and consequently HEXA and FEELM launched their new ceramic closed-pod-system device, HEXA V2, here in 2018.


l  In 2019, to further consolidate its market position, HEXA expanded its HEXA V2 product, featuring FEELM ceramic coil technology, to the UK, France, and Germany.


l  In 2020, HEXA introduced HEXA Mini, with the support of FEELM, to meet the different needs of its growing consumer base. In 2021, the HEXA Pro entered the market, and has seen considerable growth in market share through word-of-mouth.


l  In 2022, HEXA and FEELM unveiled HEXA Go, the first ceramic coil disposable device, as their latest offering to consumers. Through expanding their distribution network, driving improvements to brand recognition, as well as the incorporation of FEELM’s innovative technology, HEXA has maintained its leading position as the preferred e-cigarette in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. HEXA continues to perform well in other European markets where it operates.

HEXA seizes on opportunity to disrupt European vaping market

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of innovative new vaping brands that are disrupting the stranglehold that the major tobacco companies have had on the industry. That monopoly quickly began to collapse, first in America and then in Europe – the world’s second largest e-cig market – as start-up vaping manufacturers jostled for market share. This led to a resurgence of growth in the novel nicotine market around the world, particularly in the category of pre-filled pod devices. At the same time, governments and health authorities in some leading countries began to shift towards supporting vaping products as less-harmful alternatives to combustible cigarettes, which led to better regulation and safer products. Alongside the innovation from new brands on the market, the big tobacco companies have also invested in this growing sector.


However, the development of new products from the larger tobacco companies has been sluggish, with many of the technological advancements coming from smaller and more agile brands. HEXA has been one of the emerging e-cig brands that has been leading the way, with a growing market share across Europe. Started by a team of four entrepreneurs who had come together after university to exploit the opportunities they saw within the industry for new products, HEXA has expanded its brand recognition as well as retail positioning. Since then, they have launched HEXA V2, a closed pod system that used FEELM’s unique ceramic coil technology to disrupt the domination of the traditional cotton coil products across Europe. This new HEXA V2 product is now ranked first in the Belgian and Dutch markets following its launch in 2019.


Supported by FEELM, HEXA continues to expand

On first impression, the HEXA team comes across as humble, thoughtful, and determined. This is what the FEELM team had to say after their recent meeting together, where the partners discussed the progress being made. Utilizing the industry leading FEELM technology, HEXA has launched its V2 product with a ceramic coil, which allows for a much more enjoyable vaping experience by the consumer than the tradition cotton coils still used by other companies. The ceramic coil also reduces issues such as leakage and spitback and has gained in popularity within the BENELUX region as the world’s leading ceramic atomization technology has been introduced to consumers.


After the success of the HEXA V2, FEELM has worked with the company to expand its product offering for consumers with the introduction of the HEXA Mini and HEXA Pro. Each new product offers a different vaping experience for different types of user, and has allowed HEXA to dominate the BENELUX region. By the end of 2020, HEXA accounted for around70% of the market share in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, including a dominance across more than 2,000 vape stores within Belgium,, positioning the company as an industry leader and a direct competitor to the big tobacco companies. HEXA has also expanded its presence within the UK, France, Germany, and other European countries.  As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, HEXA has also been able to take advantage of opportunities within e-commerce to expand its sales and market share, including through collaborations with global vaping platforms into new markets such as the Middle East.

HEXA co-founders with FEELM colleagues in Vaper Expo UK in 2019 and 2022 respectively.

HEXA expands into disposable vape market

When considering entering the European market, there were several possible partners that had asked to work with FEELM, given the widespread popularity of FEELM's revolutionary ceramic coil heating technology. However, it became clear during the conversations with each company that HEXA was the only business that was at the right stage of its entrepreneurial journey to take full advantage of the opportunity to disrupt the market and seize the available market share.  Following discussions between HEXA and FEELM, an agreement was reached around a merged business strategy which would allow HEXA to rapidly outpace its competitors across Europe. By embracing e-commerce platforms and swiftly transitioning toward FEELM’s revolutionary ceramic coil technology, HEXA’s sales increased substantially, and have continued to do so after five years of partnership together.


In early 2022, as part of the economic recovery following the pandemic, HEXA and FEELM launched HEXA Go, an innovative ceramic coil disposable pod designed to allow the brand to keep pace with the global trend toward disposables. In addition to this, HEXA is expanding its closed pod system offerings with an upgraded HEXA V3 and a completely new product line which will use the world thinnest bionic film ceramic coil, all using FEELM technology.  HEXA continues to work towards its goal of accelerating the transition to a tobacco free world and giving people the choice of alternative nicotine products.  HEXA is committed to demonstrating the role that vaping can play in harm-reduction, whilst also supporting a responsible and environmentally friendly future.


Demand leads to opportunity; opportunity leads to HEXA

Through its partnership with FEELM, HEXA has developed a reputation for excellence amongst consumers. The symbiosis of FEELM’s innovative technology working in partnership with HEXA’s nicotine formula, perfectly blended to deliver a high-quality, unique, and stable flavor, has become synonymous for HEXA’s products. It is also at the heart of HEXA’s mission of accelerating the transition to a tobacco free world, and giving people the choice of alternative nicotine products.


"HEXA’s innovative FEELM technology brings outstanding vapor production, great taste and satisfying nicotine delivery. HEXA will deliver you the quality products you need to complete your vaping experience and fully transition to vaping products."

--Source: https://hexavapor.com/technology


In this rapidly changing industry, FEELM will continue to support HEXA’s premium products and brand identity, working together to explore a new chapter in the European markets and multinational expansion.

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FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.