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Global Clients

Widely recognized by global consumers, vaping devices loaded with FEELM atomizer have been exported to 50 countries and regions, and become market leaders in the U.S, the UK, France, Germany, and China.

FEELM Customer Spotlight

FEELM collaborates with partners cross key industries to deliver world-leading vape pod solutions for vapers all around the world. We pride ourselves in driving transformation of the ecosystem and vape pod solutions that make a difference.

Read on to explore the latest success stories, case studies and testimonials from our customers to learn how together we’re creating technology that echoes our mission "Atomization makes life better".


  • What are ‘Strategic Partners’ offerings?

    ‘Strategic Partners’ offerings are partners’ launched vape products, service, or solution featuring FEELM® technologies (e.g. FEELM Black Ceramic Coil®, FEELM Bionic Film Ceramic Coil® and more).
  • What is the relationship between ‘Strategic Partners’ and FEELM?

    FEELM collaborates with partners within key industries to deliver world-leading vape pod solutions for global vapers. Through strategic collaborations with a wide range of highly innovative partners in the industry, FEELM endeavor to support for a competitive edge and long-term success.
  • Who do I contact if I have a question about an offering? How do I purchase?

    For questions about partner offerings, use the Contact ‘Partner button’ located on each collaboration case posted, where you can find the official website link to FEELM partners and detailed information about purchasing.
  • Who should I contact with if I want to collaborate with FEELM?

    If you are interested in further collaboration with FEELM, visit Contact.
  • What kind of support can I get from contacting FEELM?

    Through further communication, you may get new ideas about your vape business. FEELM provides various resources for members of FEELM Alliance Program.


FEELM products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.